Corporate presentation video


Video tells stories

Do you want to present your company at a trade fair, on your website, or at a conference? Attract customers, partners, or new employees. Tell the story of your company. Because every company has its own story.

Video is better than text

A VIDEO is like a recommendation from a satisfied customer, it will say nice things about you. Video affects more senses than other media. 82% of all internet traffic is video. A corporate video is your business card.


Be damn efficient

We will make a video that portrays you the way you need, appeals to those you want, and fulfills the purpose you require. From the recorded material, we can create, for example, trailers for social networks.

What is business video production?

It is about shooting corporate videos for corporations, industrial enterprises, and engineering companies. Even the most ordinary hall can look good if you know what to focus on. Footage from a drone will make your video livelier and more attractive. We will create “the impossible without waiting, miracles within three days.” We will shoot for you from promotional company videos, recruitment, briefings, and training, to management medallions.

Company presentation videos – examples:

Manager’s medallion

Video “elevator-speech” – introduce yourself in a minute. Say who you are, what you do, what your vision or mission is. What is your job and why do you do it? In short, make the most of your minute. You can then use the manager’s medallion as your presentation on social or professional networks, at conferences and fairs. You can, of course, send it to a business partner, or share it with branches within the corporation. The manager’s medallion will make your life easier.


Small or large businesses and corporations who want to show what they have built. Your technologies, premises, equipment, environment, team, or a combination of everything. In short, they have something big behind them (or ahead of them) and they want to show it to the world.


With video, you show the world exactly what you want to show. You will introduce yourself to business partners, attract customers, and highlight what is important to you. Thanks to our experience, it will always look great.


With the help of eye-catching graphics, motion graphics or also visual effects (film tricks). Thanks to high-quality technology and reliable experts behind the camera, you will get a great video that will say the best about you. With a properly set up online campaign, you will reach thousands of people.

You can have the video in up to 70 language mutations.

Specific case studies

Take a look at the specific campaigns we created for individual companies. From video, through photos and graphics.

What else we can offer you

Footage from the ground and from a drone.

Shots with a classic camera.

Graphics and infographics.

Motion graphics.

Voice over – voice over.

Visual effects.

Epic music.

Translation up to 70 languages.


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